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December 2021 Update:

Deliveries are starting to arrive now, a few at a time, and each one is sign that life is hopefully going to get back to some sort of normal. If you have a trailer or truck camper on order with us, you will be notified once it has been received and reviewed.

PARTS SHORTAGES – Parts shortages are still an ongoing challenge and in some cases campers are being shipped without some items.

As with all manufacturers, nuCamp has been experiencing many supply chain issues especially when it comes to the Cirrus line with respect to A/C units and awnings. If your Cirrus 820 or 620 comes without A/C or a Side Awning there will be a matching credit on your bill. If you still want the A/C or Side Awning, we can put them on order through nuCamp, but this decision must be made within 6 months of delivery date.

Other items that are challenging to receive are the T@B screen doors and T@G rooftop tents. These items are still on order, but a credit can be applied to the trailer if you wish to forego receiving them.

All in all this is very good news; a few challenges still exist but nuCamp has been navigating the supplier waters very successfully and has been growing as a company throughout the pandemic.

This is all the updates we have at this time, more will be posted as they come available.

July 2021 Update:

This month’s news update is really a redraft of the email letter we sent out to the many customers who were looking to purchase new nüCamp trailers for this season. Since this was first drafted in May 2021 the supply issues for all rv manufacturers have unfortunately gotten worse leaving us with no meaningful updates to provide except to reshare this one, so here below are the main portions of the original update sent out in May:

July 24, 2021 Update

As the supply chains are starting to improve again in the RV industry we are optimistic that you we will see trailer delivery times start to open up in the early spring of 2022. We will start booking orders shortly for the spring once we have a confirmation that this is the most accurate information we can provide.

May 2021 Update:

First of all, I hope you and yours are all well and safe during this crazy time and that we will all get back to some form of normal sooner than later.

On behalf of Platinum RV and nüCamp, I wanted thank you for your recent inquiry in nüCamp trailers. As this has been such a strange year in general for the global RV trailer industry, I wanted to personally send you a quick update regarding nüCamp RV and the RV trailer manufacturing industry overall.

First off, nüCamp is doing great. In fact this has been their busiest year ever. With the unprecedented growth has come it’s share of growing pains, and of course, covid-19 has been wreaking havoc around the entire global RV trailer manufacturing industry in regards to supply issues, sick leave, factory shutdowns et…

With this in mind all RV trailer manufacturers have been challenged to get product out on time, let alone meet the ever increasing demand the industry is seeing.

With a laser-like focus, nüCamp has maintained excellent communication with their dealers and customers and is doing very well negotiating through these never seen before circumstances they face every day. 

Where this brings us to today is that although nüCamp has done an excellent job attempting to keep up with demand, the demand itself has been overwhelming. Parts shortages have also really thrown a wrench into what is a finely tuned machine that nüCamp runs daily resulting in innumerable, unforeseeable challenges and even delays in production.

The bottom line is that while nüCamp is in excellent shape, there are inevitable delays in receiving trailers that have pushed out limited deliveries into the last quarter of this year and into the new year already. I wanted to share this with you to help set and manage expectations if you were desiring to purchase a new nüCamp trailer. A beautiful thing about nüCamp is that they refuse to take shortcuts in value and quality, so even though there may be a longer than expected delay in receiving your trailer, it will be the nüCamp quality that you were looking for once it arrives.

Those are all of the updates we have for now. Thank you for your continued interest in nüCamp trailers and Platinum RV, we look forward to seeing you in the future.

nüCamp RV Brochures

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